On Becoming a Writer

MayaQuote People tell me over and over again how much they want to write, but they don’t know where to begin. Sometimes staring at the blank white page can be the most intimidating thing of all. But once you can go beyond the fear, you’ll discover stories begging to fly onto the blank page.The words will begin to flow out of your fingertips effortlessly.

Perhaps you are doubting that can happen to you, but I believe we all are capable of writing down the words to create compelling stories that can heal, entertain, inform, and bridge gaps between generations, races, religions, and politics. Language is the most powerful tool we have as human beings, either individually or globally.

Writers are storytellers, whether writing fiction, an essay, or a memoir. Think of it as telling an elaborate joke or ghost tale around the campfire. You’re trying to inform and entertain.

Not everyone will become a published writer. Many folks just want to write for themselves. Whatever the reasons for putting thoughts onto the page, anyone who wants to write can do it. It simply starts with getting those thoughts out of the brain and onto paper. In the coming days, I’ll be publishing excerpts from my workshop, From Thoughts to Paper, and if you do some or all of the exercises, you’ll discover you have a myriad of stories to tell and a variety of ways in which to express those stories. You’ll also find a few tricks along the way that will help you unleash those thoughts into compelling stories.

Never give in to the diabolical and debilitating notion of “Writer’s Block.” I don’t believe in it. Sometimes if the words don’t come easily for me, it just means I need to stop trying so hard and pick up a book or watch a movie. I consider doing both of those things a part of the writing process because if we’re true storytellers, we’ll be studying the art form as created by others.

Relax and enjoy the journey to discovering the storyteller lurking within you. I wish you the joy that blesses me every time I put my thoughts down on paper.

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know how your writing is going!



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