I offer a variety of services to help Indie Authors produce the best product possible before publication. I understand the challenges involved in writing and then paying for outside services, with only a dream and a hope of making a return on your commitment. I want to help you realize your dreams by presenting the most professional work possible to the public.

I offer editing services in the following genres:

  • contemporary literature
  • contemporary romance (heat levels – sweet to steamy, but no erotica)
  • women’s literature
  • historical fiction
  • thrillers, suspense, mysteries
  • memoirs (nonfiction)

Types of Editing

The prices listed below are for standard manuscripts that have at least been initially edited by the author or a beta reader. If the manuscript is in need of a major overhaul, the fee will be adjusted accordingly using an hourly assessment instead. Before I begin any job, I ask for a sample ten pages, which I edit in track changes. When I send back the sample, I include the quote for work requested.

Manuscript assessment

Sometimes it is difficult for a writer to know what is needed for a manuscript. You don’t want to send your book out for editing if it’s not ready. You’ll be wasting your time and money. However, having someone read your manuscript after it has been through several beta readers can help you determine what level of service you need. I offer a read-through of manuscripts, offering my assessment if you need to work on certain areas before sending it off for the big editing job that will require the most of your financial resources in publishing a book. This is not developmental editing, which is much more in-depth and requires a different type of editor. With this service, I give you an assessment for the next steps, so you are using your resources wisely.

Fee Schedule

$50 – up to 40,000 words

$75 – 40,000 – 75,000 words

 $100 – up to 100,000 words

Content/line editing

Using track changes in Word to comment and suggest edits, I correct grammar, spelling, and structural errors in the manuscript. I follow the Chicago Manual of Style unless the author has requested some other style manual. I also write comments on the content: plot and character development, structure of chapters, dialogue, and conflict.  I also write up a summary of the book and the next steps for revising. When I send back the manuscript, it is up to the author to make changes as he or she sees fit.

Fee – .0075 per word (minimum fee charged $100)

Final proofing 

After the edits by the author are completed, it is essential to have a final set of eyes proofread the manuscript. I read the manuscript looking for those pesky things, such as missing words, incorrect use of homonyms (e.g., there, their, they’re) that spell check often misses, and any needed grammatical tweaks.

Fee – .0040 per word (minimum fee charged $50)

Package deal for copy/line editing and final proofing

This is your best deal. After the final copy/line editing, I send the manuscript back to the author to make revisions. Then it is returned to me for the final proofing before formatting and publishing.

Fee – .0090 per word (minimum fee charged $150)

Coaching Comments

This type of service is usually done after a first draft is completed and, at least, one beta reader has had a chance to read and comment. I read the manuscript and give detailed comments on characters, dialogue, conflict, plot development, and other areas that need attention before sending to an editor. This is more in-depth than the assessment, which doesn’t delve into the specifics of how to make the story better. It still isn’t a developmental edit. The author will receive several pages of comments.


$100 – up to 40,000 words

         $125 – 40,000 to 75,000 words

$150 – up to 100,000 words (more than that on a case-by-case basis)

Publishing Services


  • Preparing a manuscript for Amazon Kindle Direct (KDP) – After all the revisions are made, and you’re sure your manuscript is ready for publication, I can format your work (in Word) so it’s ready to push the button for publication on Amazon’s site. For the first 75,000 words, I charge a flat fee of $100, and $25 for each additional 10,000 words. This service does not include any edits or suggestions on the manuscript itself. I am simply doing formatting changes in Word and transferring it to the file type accepted by Kindle.
  • Preparing a manuscript Amazon – The same applies here on the manuscript (in Word) being ready for publication. To prepare a 75,000-word manuscript, the charge is $150, plus $30 for each additional 10,000 words.
  • Preparing a manuscript for Smashwords – Smashwords takes a submitted and formatted document and submits it to all the other eBook distributors. Their process is quite different from Amazon and requires a different type of formatting. The charge for creating your manuscript is the same as for KDP.
  • Preparing a manuscript for Draft2Digital – Same as the price for KDP unless combined with that service.
  • Preparing a manuscript for Kindle, Amazon paperback, Draft2Digital, and Smashwords in any combination – If you’d like me to prepare your book for several publishing platforms, I can do it for a discounted fee based on the above rates

Transferring Word Files to Other Formats

  • Word to MOBI or ePub files – $15 for each manuscript conversion
  • Word to PDF – $10 for each manuscript
  • PDF or Word to other formats – price varies
  • Discounts offered for this service if I’m formatting the manuscripts.

Publishing Consultation

For Indie Authors who have not published or are confused by the process of submitting files to Create Space (paperback format), Amazon Kindle Direct (KDP), or other sites, I offer consultation with step-by-step instructions in all the steps to publication. Often, I conduct this service via phone.

Fee – $30 per hour

Full Package  – Coaching to Publishing. If you’d like to work with me from your first draft to the moment you press the “Publish” button, I’m happy to help and offer a package deal. I’ve done this for several authors, and I love working so closely with my clients and sharing in the joy and thrill of finally publishing your book. In a package deal, you would receive these services:

  • Coaching service
  • Line/copy editing
  • final proofing
  • formatting for all major retail platforms
  • one hour of phone consultation (to be used at any point in the process)
  • Manuscript converted from Word to all major file formats (used for reviewers)


$750 – manuscripts under 40,000 words

$900 – manuscripts 50,000 to 60,000 words

$1,000 – manuscripts 60,000  to 75,000 words

$1,150 – manuscripts 75,000 to 100,000 words (over 100,000 on case-by-case)

Terms and conditions

  • I require ten pages (Garamond or Times New Roman, 12 pt, double-spaced) before quoting a price. This allows you to see how I work, and it gives me an idea of how extensive the editing will be. If more extensive edits are required, the price would be adjusted accordingly.
  • Manuscripts should be submitted using the same requirements above. If not, I’ll convert.
  • I accept payment on PayPal and require a nonrefundable twenty-five percent deposit at the beginning of each project and to secure a spot on my calendar. The final payment is due at time of receipt of completed services.
  • I guarantee a speedy turn around once your manuscript is in my queue.
  • Rush jobs require an extra fee and will be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. Minimum extra charge for a rush job starts at $75.
  • This is a rare occurrence, but it has happened. If I begin editing your manuscript and find that the edits are much more extensive than I originally thought, I will contact you immediately and work with you on how to proceed. I’ve only had it happen once with a client, and we ended up coming to an agreement where he paid me for what I had edited (only a few chapters), and I returned the manuscript to him without further charges.

If you are interested in any of the above services, please leave a comment below.


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